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Gold Rush is the first realistic gold-mining simulation game. You start as a wannabe gold miner, who uses basic equipment to dig his first gold nugget. With passing time, you will buy better mining machines and acquire new claims to dig through multiple gold parcels simultaneously and become the richest man in Alaska.
Alaska inspired world
Discover our big and detailed world fully based on Alaskan territory. Each place has its own story. It’s up to you to research it and complete your journal.
Deformable terrain
With our fully deformable terrain you can create whatever landscape you want. Each machine has its own pattern that you should use. Flatten the ground with a Bulldozer or dig down to the bottom with an Excavator. It’s your choice!
Realistic machines steering
We spend a lot of time to make sure, that steering our machinery is as realistic as possible. It doesn’t matter if you use a mouse, game controller or a joystick. They will feel great and bring lots of fun anyway!
Highly detailed models
We believe that attention to details is the one thing that will lift us above others. Every mining machine or vehicle looks and is moving just like in real life. Check it and discover the real life feeling.
Realistic mining process
We managed to prepare full line of mining process. Begin with the shovel and gold pan and finish with big wash plant systems, that will sift tons of soil in an hour.
4 unique claims
Each of the mining claim is different. Some have low gold, some have high. In some of them there are concetrated areas of gold, on the others it’s distributed equally. Check them all and see which one do you like most.
Game based on Discovery Series
Gold Rush: The Game is based on the Discovery Series Gold Rush. It was hard, to transfer the feeling of the TV-Series to video games but we did it. With frequent breakdowns and constant feel of lack of fuel you may feel the tough life of gold miners in Alaska!

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[RELEASED] Repairs Part 1
All basic vehicles are now destroyable! We’ve added new tools to our toolbox! The list of potential malfunction is too long to put it here, but you can find it in patch notes of Update 1.4
[RELEASED] DigTube Update
We’ve updated the DigTube to ensure, you’ve got all help we can provide you before making the full tutorial. You will find info about all new machines and systems in the game.
[RELEASED] Tutorial Part 1
It won’t be the full AAA step by step tutorial. Not yet. This will be a context tutorial, where after using the item/building for the first time, the digtube will appear and show you proper tutorial video. Can be disabled in the Game Settings.
[RELEASED] Repairs Part 2
Every machine/vehicle in game will be destroyable. From now on, you have to take care of all your equipment, instead of just some operating machines.
[RELEASED] Collectible In-Game Stories
There will be lots of stories scattered throughout the Gold Rush World. Find them all to get small bonuses. Learn all about people that lives in the neighborhood. Some of them are weird, but all of the are interesting.
[RELEASED] Reworked Workers System
Workers won’t give you gold anymore. Instead of that they will boost your efficiency and help you partially automate your business.
[RELEASED] Fast Travel
For those of you who don’t want to drive between claims and city anymore, there will be possibility of fast travel. Just find nearest road sign and select your destination point on the map
[RELEASED] Seasons
From now on, weather would affect your gameplay. In very warm summer days, your vehicles could overheat. When the winter comes, you will need to use the Ripper module to break the frozen soil, or your excavator teeths would break very fast.
[RELEASED] Achievements
After many gameplay hours, there is only one way for us to reward you. Achievements! Show everyone how dedicated you are at gold mining and collect all of our little challenges.
[IN PROGRESS] Pressure and Electricity System
With big water pumps and lots of generators we can finally implement more complex pressure and electricity system. It will add a new layer of difficulty to designing your own claim.
[FUTURE] Completed Tutorial
It’s time to make a full step-by-step tutorial. Each mechanic will be fundamentally explained. You will be able to practice every element of the game before going to the ranking mode.
[FUTURE] DigTube Update
With seasons there will be many changes that will force us to update digtube once again.
[FUTURE] Journal Update
Big Journal Update, where all missing content and inaccuracies will be fixed. All Tutorial Brochures would be fully localized so not only English-speaking players will have that short guide.
[FUTURE] Leaderboards
Let’s check, how efficient you are. From now on you can play on our ranking mode. There will be no game settings to turn off, no cheats, no 1$ Mode, no helpers. Only you and your machines. Gather as much gold as possible in the limited time, and make your gold per hour ratio as high as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a multiplayer mode?
Gold Rush is a singleplayer sandbox experience. We are aware, that many players would like to have a multiplayer option, but it would require rewriting most of the game. Therefore there are no plans for adding multiplayer/co-op mode.
Will Gold Rush have console versions?
Yes. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been funded on Kickstarter and we’re currently in talks with console publishers to make it happen as soon as possible. Once we have a solid release date set, we’ll announce it on our channels.
Gameplay affected by atmospheric conditions has been funded on Kickstarter, but is not available in the game. Why?
Although it’s not yet part of the game, we’re continuously working to implement it. For the past few months, we have been delivering free updates with fresh content, new features, bug fixes, and optimization upgrades. We still have more updates planned and one of them will include seasons, which add gameplay-affecting weather conditions.
Can we expect more updates?
Yes. Please check the ‘Roadmap’ tab above, to see the constantly updated roadmap of upcoming updates.
What controllers can I use?
Gold Rush: The Game officially supports Keyboard+Mouse, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads. There is no official support for steering wheels and joysticks, but it might be possible to use third-party emulators to integrate those controllers with the game. There is, however, no possibility to use two same joysticks to play. In the future, we’ll do our best to add custom controller support.
I am experiencing technical issues/my game crashes. What can I do?
Primarily, please check our Steam Community’s threads: In most of the cases, someone has already answered your question or resolved the issue. If your problem is unique, feel free to create a new thread.
Will there be more vehicles?
In Update 1.2 and Update 1.3 we have included several new machines. In the future updates, we want to focus on new gameplay features. Please check the ‘Roadmap” tab above for more information.
Can I create custom mods?
There are no plans for adding mods support.
Will it be possible to see workers on the claim?
We’re updating the workers’ feature, to make it more realistic. However, it won’t be ever possible to see the 3D models of workers helping you on the claim.


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